Law of Attraction

I’m sure you’ve heard wiser people tell you to “watch what you say, cause it might just come true.”  Or maybe you’ve heard this one,  “you asked for it,” knowing that you in fact didn’t “ask” for anything on the lines of whatever “it” is.  There may be something to this.

The Law of Attraction is a concept, a lifestyle really, that simply uses the notion that what you put out into the universe, you will attract.  Words are powerful indeed.  Words can hurt, words can heal, words can uplift–words can attract.

Have you ever been in a scenario where you’ve been short on cash and you maybe needed just a little cash to get you through the week?  Then you happen to put on an old coat, or go through your pockets before laundry, and viola!  A $20 bill!  Or maybe you have said to yourself, I wonder how my friend is doing–and they end up calling you just moments later?

Understand this; a simple thought that you create in your conscious mind, was actually created in your subconscious mind.  Science has shown that our brains create electricity.  Electricity can be found in most, if not all energy, so essentially the metaphysical approach says that we are connected with nature and each other.  So when your conscious and subconscious thoughts are created, essentially they are shared with what we would collectively call “the universe.”

All this simply means is if you create negative energy and put it out into the universe, you will attract negativity.  If you speak positive things, and put that positive energy into the world, positive things will come to you.

How do I help?  I help train individuals to change the way they look at things, and change the energy of what they attract.  For instance, an individual who has been unemployed for months may say to themselves, “I can’t get a job,” however, changing the frame of mind to “I haven’t found the right job for me,” and learning how to believe in obtaining the exact job it is that you want–that is how the law of attraction is taught.

Try it right now.  Instead of saying you can’t, simply say, I haven’t yet.