Sports Enhancement and Peak Performance

As an athlete, have you ever just had a run of bad games?  Do you feel as if you are unable to get out of your own head–that you are “psyching” yourself out, or have a continuous case of the “Yips?” Have you lost focus, or even your motivation?  Maybe you’ve been injured, and just are a little bit unconsciously hesitant to put strain on a knee that you know has fully healed.

As an athlete who has undergone multiple sports related injuries and surgeries myself, I know how eager we are to get back on the courts and fields, and I know that it’s hard to play at 100% even though our conscious mind says we are able to.  Sometimes our game is affected by outside noise such as relationship issues, personal issues, or financial struggles. Finding the root of the problem is what I offer as a Mental Peak Performance coach.

Using tools like reframing, positive self-talk, anchoring, hypnosis, visualization and imagery, and many other tools, I am able to help athletes get back on the path to achieving their goals, whether those goals are simply to get active again, secure a college scholarship, or win a gold medal.  Redefining your focused state to fit the goals you set for yourself can only be done best by someone who is fully knowledgeable and comfortable with sports and the athletes that play them.

Student Athletes:

Just like adults, student athlete’s games are affected by anything from social static, to getting over injuries.  However, students also experience stress due to puberty, test anxiety, stress of family pressures, home sickness, social acceptance, body image issues, and many other factors that we’ve forgotten about since we’ve become “grown-ups”.  It’s not easy relating to youth, and I provide assistance as unbiased individual who understands the complexity of being a student-athlete.