Robert (Coach Graves) is a gem

Robert and I were in the same class in College of Hypnotherapy (HMI) and since day one I was very impressed with how sharp and knowledgeable he already was. As our training continued, Robert showed diligence in his studies and always asked the best questions in class. He truly cares about people and about being the best he can be. He is kind and approachable, yet there is a lot of depth to him that he is too humble to show at first. If you decide to work with him – you will be in good hands of an honest and dedicated to your well being person. I wish him the best in his career as a coach and hypnotherapist because he definitely will be truly amazing at it!

Solnce Vera Ostrova
Renewal Hypnosis

Invaluable Advice

Robert and I are childhood friends. For years I have flirted with the idea of opening my own business meanwhile taking contract work to hone my craft along the way. I remember him pushing for me to open my own shop. About 2 years ago I was a crossroads in my life and a move had to be made. Robert worked with me and helped me realize that I can do it. Today my motorcycle repair shop has become a reputable business in the San Diego area with expansion soon to follow. Thank you again Robert for the push in the awesome direction.

Landy C.
SD Moto

Writer’s Block

Robert was a good friend of mine from school. He also guided me through my first hypnotherapy treatment. I must admit I was very nervous and reluctant at first, but Robert’s confidence, assurance, and command of his craft made me more at ease. To begin the session, Robert thoroughly explained the basic tenets and principles of what hypnosis is all about. This made me more open and less nervous about the ensuing experience. He also interviewed me about the primary problem/obstacle that I intended to explore. When we started, Robert did a series of relaxation and physical exercises to relax my body (my nerves), which really helped. Then he guided me on a journey through the conscious mind toward recognizing and eventually facing my particular obstacle. What was so refreshing and helpful to me was Robert’s accurate attention to detail: he would layer this hypnotic journey with specific information that I expressed during our pre-hypnosis interview. This was crucial in setting up and establishing a familiar and intimate atmosphere.  Another important anecdote about Robert’s style of hypnotherapy is that the client under hypnosis will only go as far as he/she is willing to go. In other words, clients who feel unsure or insecure about specific issues are in no way forced to confront these issues; they simply do not share this information during the pre-interview and they will not come up during the treatment. Robert’s skill in hypnosis and respect/sensitivity for the my stated needs and feelings resulted in a very pleasurable and illuminating experience. Robert has the uncanny ability to help people realize that they already have the tools to resolve their issues, which is what he did for me. I would recommend Robert Graves to anybody in search of self-exploration, guidance, and purpose/direction in their lives.

Evan L.

Coach Rob

Rob is the best coach I’ve ever had and one of the coolest people I’ve met. When I first met Rob, I was a sophomore in high school. He was actually pretty intimidating because he was so tall and amazing at volleyball, but once I got to know him, he was a big teddy bear. I wasn’t that great at volleyball, but he spent hours working with me after practice and made me believe in myself. His enthusiasm and love for the game really inspired me to work hard and give 110%. After a season with him, I improved so much, and when I made varsity, I can honestly say that it was because of all the time he dedicated to working with me. He made me love the game and I’m so grateful to him. It’s nice to know that I have someone who believes in me as much as he does. So, I just wanted to thank you for all the advice and support you gave me and I hope that one day I can be as influential to someone as you’ve been to me. Love you, Rob!!!

Kelly K.

Sgt. Graves, USMC

I served in the U.S. Marine Corps with Coach Graves. I knew him as Sergeant Graves and besides looking out for my professional well-being he also helped to look out for me personally. As a young Marine I faced problems with alcohol and when it lead to trouble late one night at about 0230 I knew there was only one man to turn to who cared enough to help and make a difference. I called Sgt. Graves at 2:30 in the morning to relay my issue and not only did he answer the phone but he also said “I’ll be there in 10 minutes.” If it hadn’t been for the care and coaching I received from my friend and mentor Sgt. Graves I may not be who I am. Today I’m happily married with a beautiful daughter and will have been alcohol free for 3 years on July 24, 2015. Thank you Graves!

Trey W.