Why You need a Coach

We have coaches in all aspects of life. We have team coaches for sports. We have speech coaches, dance coaches, career coaches, and even health and wellness coaches. As your Performance Coach, my job is to hold you to the standard that you have set for yourself, and work with you to help accomplish overcoming hurdles at work, barriers in your relationships with family, friends, and significant others, on and off the playing field, and hold you accountable for any shortcomings. As your Performance Coach, my job is to motivate you and help you find solutions to limiting problems, and ultimately goal achievement.

Coaches are also someone we look at as a professional in their field, and I can confidently say, I am a professional at overcoming obstacles. 10 years Marine Corps experience, self-made business owner, college graduate, father, husband, and a friend.  I have had to overcome many things to end up where I am today, and where you can be tomorrow. And as a Coach should do, I’ve expanded my working toolbox to include becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist, to better understand the mind and how to help better work with people on a subconscious level for positive change in their lives.

Whether you need guidance for career or life goal achievement, or maybe separating from a long time employer like the military, police force, fire department, or professional sports–where you need to know how to take the first step, I can help you. Or whether you need to lose weight, stop smoking, or gain confidence at work or for an audition, I have the tools that will help you take control of your life.

Everyone deserves to be successful. Everyone deserves peace in their heart, body, and mind. Sometimes, we need a coach to help us get back on track, and become winners once again.